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Hello dear readers!

My name is Cassandra and I consider myself a modern 50s housewife trapped in a single 27 year-old girl’s body. I am from México and now a 10+ year Californian. I love to cook, travel, amateur photographer, love home decor, your regular fashion gal, new blogger.

I am studying and interning to be an Event and Wedding Coordinator. Yes, I would get to plan parties! It may sound like a piece of cake, but let me tell you that there is a lot of details and hard work involved. From creative to contracts, from choosing linens to vendors, from dealing with last minute changes to crazy moms! But it’s a lot of fun and its what I want to do.

How did I get to spend my spare time blogging?

Well let me tell you the recipe to my why…

1.  I have been following some awesome blogs for quite sometime, which I admire and love.
2.  I did once aspire to write and publish a book, and I still have the Carrie Bradshaw syndrome.
3.  In the crazy, stressful and fast-paced world we live in, I definitely needed an escape from reality.
4.  I started to explore my interests and filled myself with projects like: cleaning out the garage, rearranging the patio furniture, cleaning out my closet, you name it and its on my to do list! (I admit I am a Martha Stewart wannabe)
5.  So I decided to combine all reasons and share.

For me, this blog is my little escape from reality, it’s a blank space out there where I can write about my real interests and person. Where I can express myself and maybe help someone by sharing what’s on my mind. It could be something delicious, thoughtful, personal, helpful, who knows? Hope you like it!

Make my day and follow me! 
I sure hope to make yours with every post.

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