Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pilot.

Bonjour dear readers!

I am very excited to share the small world going on in my head. There will be a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste. I’ll be sharing recipes, home décor and tips, fashion, books, art, quotes and thoughts, news and tech stuff, local events, restaurant reviews (for San Diegans and visitors), and more.

Hope you enjoy my blog and welcome me to your laptops. Feel free to share some love and leave me your feedback.

As my first blog I will show you part of my wish list so you can see what are some of my interests.


   "The Corset Dress"           "Felix Bag"
@ Victoria's Secret online    @ See Jane Work

"Moroccan Hanging Lamp"   "Lies That Chelsea Handler
     @ Viva Terra             Told Me" @ Borders

"Napa Chevron Lambskin      "Disneyland Annual 
   Satchel" Prada               Passport" 
   @ Neiman Marcus            @ Disney online

    "Bose SoundDock"         "Braxton Espadrille"
        @ Amazon                 @ Nine West

"My Father's Daughter"   "Preston Bailey Flowers"
 Cookbook @ Borders             @ Amazon

      Thailand, Asia         "Mad Men" Season 1-4          
                                   @ Target

   "Eiffel Tower Charm"        "Prohibition Bar"
      @ Tiffany & Co.         @ San Diego Gaslamp

  Hope you come back for more!


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  1. I welcome a peak into that precious and interesting little mind of yours... Looking forward to your posts darling :))))
    And that's quite an interesting wishlist ;)


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