Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Proposal...

 I am engaged!

So here is the story:

October 9th 2012. He tricked me into thinking that we were going to dinner after his work to celebrate a work related achievement and of course I was quick to support him and congratulate him,  dinner at his favorite restaurant sounded like a good treat for it.

He picked me up at my house to go to dinner, he seemed so calm and playful, like any other day. He suggested we go to "our" spot in La Jolla cove to see the sunset before dinner, a bench with an oceanfront view, of course I thought it was a great idea... so we did. We were there just hanging out and talking about everyday things, and he seemed a bit distracted. 

Sidenote: he had mentioned he had a surprise for me and hinted that it was something you hang on your wall once a year... I obviously thought it was a calendar.

Then he said, "Hey you forgot about the surprise I have for you, don't you want it?" and I remembered the calendar hint, so he took out from his trunk an Apple envelope containing a calendar. We walked a bit to get closer to the edge (first picture), and he took out the calendar... a 2013 calendar with pictures of us and dating all of our first time events, like first time at Disneyland, trips, etc. I thought it was so sweet and it must've taken him quite some time to create.

We then reached the date of that day, October 9th, and it said "You became my fiancée (2012)", I was speechless!!! Then I look over to him, he was next to me, and he is getting down on one knee and taking out a ring box out of his jacket! He then asked very nervously if I would marry him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and all that personal sweet words.

Of course I said YES! 
I was in shock, I've known I wanted to marry this man for quite a while, 
but didn't expect the proposal that day or anytime that soon. 

We then went to dinner to George's at the Cove, just us two, and after to Herringbone for drinks to meet our families and friends that were already there waiting for us. He arranged everything! Sweet sweet man ;) I am a lucky girl and the happiest I have ever been.  

We are in the middle of planning our wedding, which will be in August 2013.

I can't wait to live and share my life with Daniel.


Thank You! for sharing your thoughts...


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