Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apartment Makeover - Phase 1

My sister is moving out of our family home and getting her own apartment. I am so excited for her and yet sad because she won't be in the room next door to mine ;(

My home decor mania kicked in and went for it while helping my sister decorate her apartment, she now calls me her home decor guru. She pretty much consults me with every decision and I am guiding her on every step of the way, and since I am not a control freak (ha!) I am loving it!

Let me share the phase one of the makeover... the place needed some help.

My sister wanted a red wall. For some reason when they made this place they
didn't think of centering the windows and fireplace, odd right?
Main entrance (hall with 1/2 bathroom) to future living room and dining room
Dining room area with kitchen view 
Main entrance/Hall - 1/2 guest bathroom

My sister's room, she wanted blush/light pink walls 
Guest bedroom
 Bedroom's bathroom, got new lights and getting new decor. Would love to get rid of those soap and toothbrush built in holders, but it's a rental so no can do. 

Super cool chandelier for the dining room and the kitchen gets a quick fix makeover with white paint.

Kitchen decor brainstorm.

As you see the place needs help and we are working on it...
This was phase one: see the place, check out what changes need to be made, to-do list and get to work.

To do:
- paint kitchen white
- paint built in TV furniture white
- change blinds
- change lighting fixtures
- change all house door knobs
- change kitchen cabinet's knobs
& more...

Keep posted for more updated pictures, this is a work in progress.

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