Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Pillows...

I just got new pillow covers from Etsy. I used to have 4 mixed designs pillows and 
just did not feel like a grown up and put together bedding.

Phase 1.
I got the 2 gray chevron pillow covers from The Lacey Placey on Etsy 
and the gray tie dyed from NTurner1284 on Etsy as well.

Phase 2.
I am waiting for my 2 feather down pillow inserts to fill those 2 chevron pillow covers, bought from The Lacey Placey. Also, I just recently made a quick trip to Marshall's to see what they had in store at the moment and found 2 new sets of standard pillow covers to replace those old ones you see in the picture. One set is white (to be in back) and the other set is gray (to be on front).

Phase 3.
Will post as soon as my pillow inserts arrive. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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