Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Onesies Cupcakes...

Got a baby shower to attend? 
I did this past weekend and I found a lovely and 
adorable way to wrap up onesies as cupcakes! 

While browsing through Pinterest (new obsession), I found a picture and link to this awesome tutorial found at "Little Birdie Secrets" .

Now let me share my pictures with you. Sorry, iPhone pics.

I put the extra onesies on the bottom and topped them with the "cupcakes"

On the tutorial they displayed them in a cake box, 
but I chose to put them in a colorful basket.

Also on the tutorial they use one blanket and a onsie to make the "cupcake",
I just used a newborn for the "frosting" and a 0-3/3-6 months for the "cupcake bread".

Hope you like them and enjoy making them for the next baby gift you have to make.

Aren't they just so pretty? Great idea!

PS Real cupcakes tomorrow...

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