Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mexico City: Part I...

Remember my post about me leaving on vacation to Mexico City, 
well here is the day One of my trip with my beau. 

Chapultepec Castle
Beautiful, full of art and architecture. A must visit when in Mexico City, 
full of history.

Outside the castle...

Sadly this is not fog, but smog.
Funny story. As we were leaving the Chapultepec Castle, I bought a bag of Cheetos with hot sauce. We are pleasantly walking towards the exit, as we notice a curious squirrel following us. Soon enough we stop and she gets close to me, standing up and staring begging for Cheetos. So I give her a small Cheeto with hot sauce and she didn't touch it. I give her another one without hot sauce and we got a winner. Soon I am feeding this friendly squirrel in the mouth with Cheetos, and she/he does not mind it at all. Enjoy the 1 min video.

Anthropology Museum
After the Castle we walked toward the Museum, just a couple of blocks away and just in time because as soon as we walked in, it started to rain.

Aztec Calendar

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