Wednesday, February 1, 2012

7 month recap...

Another month of fun, here is the usual monthly recap. Also have you noticed a few changes going on here?!? First of all I made myself a pretty flowery logo :) Secondly I changed the font and a few colors around, and lastly I added a recipes page on top for easy access. Hope you have liked everything so far, now back to the posts recap...

Food & Recipes

- Top 5: Fashion Finds

Tech & News

Home Décor
- Top 5: Kitchen Fun Finds 
- Top 5: Kitchen Decor Finds 
- PPH: The Shoe Closet Mix 

Words & Song
- Life
- Words & Song: Good Life

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Oohhohh and my birthday was in January, so expect a b-day post and a wish list this soon.
Have a lovely Wednesday!

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