Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breakfast & Old Town...

Good morning Sunday lovers!

Usually I have lazy family sundays at home with my family, but today I am going with my dad to the San Diego Convention Center to check out the WesternFoodService & Hospitality Expo. Sounds like fun right? Booths, food & interesting info. Yum!

Out of Town Cousin: I
As you may remember from a previous post about a family reunion, I had a cousin from out of town visiting and I was in charge to show him some of San Diego during the first half of last Saturday.
Picked him up from my uncle's house in La Jolla and took him to Bernini's for breakfast. After a delish meal we went to the Cross up on Mount Soledad to see the amazing view, and later we hit Old Town for some fun as it was Mark Twain's Festival.

Enjoy the pics!
La Jolla, CA

Bernini's in La Jolla, CA
Mexican Hot Chocolate

My cousin had the Bernini's Benedict
My bro created his own Omelette
... and of course I ordered the Lox Benedict and added bacon on top, sooo good
View of La Jolla from the Cross up on Mount Soledad


What are your plans for today?

I highly recommend going to Old Town for a fun filled afternoon. So many little shops to see, great mexican restaurants, museums and overall a different activity to enjoy. I will for sure go back soon, as I went a little pressured on time and did not have time to see it all.

Enjoy your sunday and don't forget to relax.



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