Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Recap - Hit the road Jack...

Hello dear readers,

How is everyone's week-end so far?!?

On Thursday I went down to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico (where I am originally from), to host a dear friend's bachelorette night pool party. People ended up in the pool, not voluntarily haha. It was lots of fun and complete success. Think Ceviche, Tequila and lingerie gifts.

San Diego ----> Ensenada, MX
Scenic Toll Road to Ensenada
Pit stop lunch @ El Rey Sol Restaurant in Ensenada
The Bachelorette in the pool :)

Friday, stayed down there the afternoon to visit some family and then back to SD, stayed home and watched some Ghost Whisperer on Netflix (they have all the seasons on instant), unpacked and packed again for today.

Ensenada, MX ----> San Diego

Short short line, chose wrong lane: time wait around 40 minutes! :S

Today I am on my way to Santa Barbara to a Family Reunion from my dad's side. Never been, heard its beautiful... So I am very excited to make this little road trip. 

San Diego ----> Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara ----> Los Angeles

**I promise to take lots of pics!**

Then on Sunday I'll be in L.A. with the family, hitting the Getty Museum and some around town fun.

Los Angeles ----> San Diego

Recap done!

Be a doll and show some love ;)
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