Monday, September 19, 2011

Is it Halloween Season Yet?...

Fall Season is by far my favorite, Halloween is 
by far the most fun of all holidays.
I know that the season doesn't officially kick in until this wednesday the 21st, and that Halloween it's not until October... but what the heck, I am in the mood and I can't wait to decorate.
So, I dug into the garage and put out just a few here and there accents around the house, until I get the green light from my family to go "all out".
(I desperately need to get new Halloween decoration)

8am this morning... Aaaw the season is already showing its dark side.

Fall Season=
°Hot chocolate
°Warm baked cookies
°New TV series seasons
°Movie nights
°Wine nights?
°Game nights
°Elegant fashion
+ more...

What are your favorite activities for Fall Season?

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  1. Oohh... I love all those things!!! Personally I love that the fall brings the new TV season, with it come foggy nights that should include warm cookies, blankets and surrounded by family and friends... I also love cashmere swraters and fall fashion ;)


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