Monday, September 26, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags...

Hello there!

I stumbled upon this awesome collection while doing a bit of research when looking for a fun cross body handbag. I love the simplicity and the variety of colors. Oh and I found one for me... :) <3

Voyage Clutch (color: Russet)

Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette

Classic Q Ukita (color: Chianti)

Classic Q Hillier Hobo (color: Dry Martini)

House of Marc by Marc Jacobs Snappy (color: Deep Plum)

House of Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo (color: Ocean)

House of Marc by Mar Jacobs WOS Round (color: Russet) /
Totally Turnlock Shine Jane on a Chain (color: Spinach)

Totally Turnlock Shifty (color: Strawberry Cordial)

Dr. Q Backpack (color: Reef Blue)

So happy with my new handbag! 
Just what I've wanted for a while now. A cross body and a pop of color.
I love love love the color :)
Percy Crossbody (color: Berry Haze)
It looks pink on the website photo. But trust me it is more like my picture, a richer berry.

Next need find of Marc by Marc Jacobs... 

Pretty Nylon Computer Bag, 15"

My life laptop has a nice clean black In Case hardshell cover, but nothing for me to carry it around. So that makes this find a necessity. ( Or so I think... ?)

To see the entire collection visit the website:

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  1. LOve, love, love these handbags... As soon as i pay off my credit car debt, i will buy One! Of course by then there will be another collection, ahhaha


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