Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Diego's Blackout...

Happy end-of-the-Week everyone!

As you all know by now, San Diegans got a little chaos action on Thursday. Yes, we had a blackout... But the list extends to Baja California North and Arizona. Just imagine a hot day with no AC, no stop lights working, no way to pump gas, no tv, no stores open, no internet (expect those with smartphones, love you iPhone!), no lights, NO POWER! 
It really makes you realize how much we are used 
to and we need electricity to function. 
Lights off around 3:30pm and it started coming back around 7pm, but by sections of the cities. We got power back on in my house around 1-2 am. My day consisted of being stuck in traffic, waiting 1 hour in an outdoors line at Albertson's to get ice, lighting candles at home and playing some rummykub with my siblings to pass time. Fun times ;) haha
My Living Room

11pm- View of the city with some far away lights, first section to get power back on. 
Remainder of the city was still in the dark.
Some of the blackout aftermath.

Friday all back to normal- except no school for most, but work for all. 

*Today, I am going to the Chargers vs Vikings game at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. 
So gooooo CHARGERS!

Also today it is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. 
We will always remember all of those we lost and all the born heroes who helped the needed that day.

Let's be thankful for life, as it is beautiful and we should not take it for granted. Let's not wait until tomorrow, what we can do today. Let's set goals in life and achieve them asap, as we do not know when our time in life is up. Let's smile, love and send out good vibes, as we feed of each others energies.

Have a wonderful and beautiful Sunday!

Until next week, so tomorrow ;)

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  1. Beautiful thoughts regarding life, and just what i needed right now :)


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