Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuna Croquettes...

Tuna Croquettes

You will need:
potato masher
sauce pan
frying pan
chefs knife
large bowl
2 large plates

°3 canned tuna
°2 potatoes
°monterey jack cheese, shredded
°bread crumbs (store bought)
°1 egg
° 1/3 cup milk
°olive oil or vegetable oil

1. Use the sauce pan to boil water, then add the potatoes. Take them out when soft and mash them in a large bowl, leaving out the skins.
2. Add the tuna (drained) and cheese with the mashed potatoes, and mix. Make small size patties with the tuna mix.
3. Mix the egg, milk and pepper in one large plate. Pour the bread crumbs on the second plate. 
4. Heat the oil in the frying pan. 
5. Take each tuna patty and bread them. (first through the egg, milk mix and then cover them in the bread crumbs.)
6. Once the patty is breaded, fry it in the hot oil. When crisp, take it out and put it over a paper towel to take off excess oil.
7. Serve hot.

*Makes about 12 croquettes.

They are yummy! Enjoy...

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