Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Hard Rocking Experience…

I am the kind of person that signs up for pretty much anything where I can get something free, discounted or any special I can take advantage of. My beau always makes fun of me that I get tons of e-mails from stores/restaurants letting me know about their sales and specials, and I already told you about the daily deal websites.

Well, I noticed an invite on Facebook that said Win an Intervention Room Package for 4th of July Weekend!”, so I obviously click on it and it says that all I have to do is put this picture up as my profile pic on Facebook until they announce the winners that same week and voila! 

To my surprise I won the 2nd prize!

I got a free night at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego (July 2nd) and two tickets to their pool party “Intervention”, where DJs Gabriel and Dresden were playing live. How cool is that!

It’s all in the details.

They ask you the kind of music you like best so it will be playing in your room when you get there. Details I tell you.

Want to party? They have vodka and other stuff in the room for you to start to partaaaay. (Room charge of course)

HRH’s Intervention Pool Party: Gabriel and Dresden

How lucky am I? I am so grateful and still amazed that I won this. I had so much fun, shared it with friends and best of all spent $0! Doesn't hurt to sign up for some silly contests, right? You never know when your luck is going to shine. 

Check out Hard Rock Hotel Intervention’s line up for this summer sundays here.



  1. L - U - C - K - Y!!!

    I love the pic with your bracelets!

  2. I know, right?


    I used the Instagram app



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