Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wandering Crate & Barrel...

Currently Crushing:

I was wandering around Crate & Barrel, as I love to “window” (store) shop for home décor. I don’t have a house yet, still live with my parents, but I sometimes can’t help but buy some good deals and things I think that when I get my house in a few years, they will not be available anymore and I will miss out. So I have a small growing storage in the top of my closet.
Well, as I was saying… my wandering eye caught my attention of these totally cool candle holders.

These science lab looking ones I completely hearted! 
All different ones together, by themselves or sets of two. 
The mix and match goes perfect. Find here.

I Love these lanterns for the patio, porch or front entrance.
The one in the middle looks so modern with a twist of sophistication, 

in my opinion. Find lanterns here and here.
This modern wall candleholder looks amazing. 
I would place it outdoors as it would look lovely 
lit while hosting a small get-together with 
friends and wine. Find here.

Like them?


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