Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer TV Shows…

I am a little late writing this post, but I want to share with you my top summer TV shows to watch and some of them already started.
It's time to catch up!


Current Season: 4
Premiered: June 26, ‘11
Sundays at 9pm
Network: HBO

I was really hesitant to watch this show, but there was so much buzz about it so I gave in. Let me tell you that I made the right choice! I can't have enough of this show. I started to watch it online last summer and couldn’t stop until I devoured the entire 3 seasons in less than a week!
I had been waiting so long for the season 4 premiere to start, and it did not let me down. Still love it!
There are vampires, but don’t expect twilight style. A whole lot of supernatural with weirdness are to be expected.

Current Season: 7
Premiered: June 27, ‘11
Mondays at 10pm

I started watching this show years ago and it hooks you. It starts a little slow but oh geez, you are in for a wild ride with this crew. The drama only gets better with each season, and you wonder how can they get in all that trouble so quickly.
Season 7 started a couple weeks ago and its way different from the past seasons, its still early to see how this one its going to turn out. I will stay tuned for sure.


Current Season: 2
Premiered: June 27, ‘11
Mondays at 10:30pm

This is a fairly new series and it is awesome. It's about a lady that gets cancer (hence the name of the show) and doesn’t share the bad news with her loved ones yet, she wants to enjoy life and live to the fullest (at least what she has left). Its witty, funny, cynical and very recommended from me.


Current Season: 8 and Final
Premiere: July 24 ‘11
Sundays at 10pm
Network: HBO
Last but not least… Entourage it’s probably every guy’s favorite show and us girls love it too. It is supposedly based on Mark Walberg’s life (also the producer). There is eye candy for the girls, and a lot of racy scenes for the guys. The show is ultimately about a newcomer to the show business, they stroll around LA mingling with the rich and famous, of course always rolling with his entourage, drama involved. Its just pretty cool.

I know we can’t just spend all day watching TV, but find yourself a guilty pleasure for those weeknights. 
One of this shows could be it.



  1. I've been hearing about ALL of these shows, an have yet to commit to them... If i want to watch them on dvd, NOT online or through download netflix which one do you recommend? I want the actual DVD!!!
    Just so you know i'm gearing towards true blood and the big c
    Thanks Cass

  2. I would recommend all, but if you want to update sooner True Blood and The Big C are newer with only 4 and 2 seasons. Weeds and Entourage have 7-8 seasons. I admit I am currently obsessed with True Blood. Hope I helped making your decision easier :s

    Enjoy your summer shows choices!



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